Friday, April 1, 2016

Most Popular Apps on Android SMS 2016

SMS is one activity that can not be separated on the user's mobile perangkan although today many users have already switched to a smartphone device. As the name implies this SMS or short message is used to send a short message to the destination number. Although at this time the smartphone can be used to chat with social media application, but the role of this text can not be abandoned.

To send a short message the user will be charged for each message depends particular to each operator rates applicable. Generally through Android devices, send sms can use the default application. With the changing times, many applications muncuk sms application with a pretty cool interface that can be used and downloaded through Play Store. Well for discussion this time will discuss about some of the most popular applications on the Android sms. Curious what the application? Go see the discussion below!

The following SMS app on Android Most Popular


The Messenger app is developed by Google Inc. that fit into the category of communication. This app certainly has many advantages in it with a variety of features that are owned. Messenger be a solution for you who want to look attractive and simple. By using this application, users can send a sms equipped with many emoji, can make a photo or voice attachments, and more. The Messenger app has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 through the Play Store. To try to use the Messenger app requires at least minimal operating system 4.1 or above. Until now, Messenger has been downloaded and installed up to 50 million users in the Play Store.


The most popular applications on the Android sms next GO DEV Team is Top Developer in the Play Store. This application is entered into the category of communication that you can try to use. GO SMS Pro has many features that you can try to enjoy as private box that will help encrypt messages and help in protecting your privacy. In addition to these applications is also very possible for users to reply quickly. GO SMS Pro, there are two versions, for free and also pro. GO SMS Pro has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Applications GO SMS Pro has been installed up to 500 million users through the Play Store.

Textra SMS

The next application is Textra SMS text developed by Delicious that goes into the category of communication. This application is also not inferior to the above application which has many features in it. Textra SMS offers the best option to the user as the user can perform a custom LED notifications, color icons, over 800 emoji, sending sms, sms blocker, and more. Application Textra this SMS has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 that you can download via Play Store. To use this application, users require minimal operating system 4.0.3 or higher with a size of only 6.1 MB only. Textra SMS until now has been downloaded and installed up to 10 million users.

Thus was pemabahasan about some sms application that you can try to use on your Android device with all sorts of features and advantages it has. Well for those who are interested to use the above applications, please be downloaded directly through the Play Store.


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